Club Membership

The club is always happy to enroll new members, on either a Full or Associate membership basis. By becoming a member of the club, you will enjoy the benefits of special rate hall hire after one year membership and as a Full Member would also be eligible to serve on the Management Committee, which is responsible for the day to day running of the Club.

For full details of Membership terms and conditions please see below.

If you are thinking of becoming a member, please come along to the club for a chat with a member of the Committee or one of the senior bar staff and also enjoy a drink on us. Alternatively please click on the contact us page for more information on how to contact the club or give us a call on 020 8478 1912.

Membership Terms and Conditions

The Rules and Bye-Laws Of the Ilford Catholic Club

    1. That the club be called ‘The Ilford Catholic Club’ and shall be strictly non-political.

    2. That the object of the club be the encouragement of social intercourse among its members, educational work, sports and games, the study of citizenship and the provision of facilities wherever possible for the Catholic Organisations in the Parish.

    3. (a) That the Club be open to practising Catholics (ladies and gentlemen). Every candidate for membership shall not be less than 18 years of age at the date of nomination (except in the special case of an applicant over 16 who has the sanction of his or her parents) and must be proposed and seconded by two paid up members of good standing for at least twelve consecutive months immediately prior to date of application.
    The name and address of each candidate, and the names of his/her proposer and seconder, shall be posted on the Club notice board for at least seven days before the date of election. All applicants must have their application forms signed by the Club Secretary and approved by the Management Committee. The Committee shall have discretion to dispense with the requirement of a Proposer and Seconder if satisfactory references for the candidate are submitted.
    Every nomination shall be submitted to the Committee who shall have the power to elect or reject and whose decision shall be final. If elected the Secretary shall issue the new member with a Membership Card and a copy of the Rules and Bye-Laws.

Honorary Members
    3. (b) Temporary members may be elected by the Committee (for this purpose three members to form a quorum) such membership to be for a period not exceeding one week.
    Temporary members shall have the same privileges and be subject to the same rules as ordinary members, except that they are not entitled to attend any meeting of the Club and must not be supplied with excisable articles for consumption off the premises, or introduce visitors. A list of Temporary Members shall be posted in the Club.
    3. (c) The Committee shall be empowered to propose at any General or Annual General Meeting that any Member be made a Life Member of the Club. This distinction will be restricted to those members who have rendered signal service to the Club. Life Members shall have the full rights of ordinary membership but shall be exempted from the payment of subscriptions.

Associate Members
    3. (d) (1) Applications for Associate Membership may be considered from non-catholics, provided always such applicants are the spouses/friends of practising Catholics who have already been elected to membership of the Club and are in good standing.
    (2) Applications for associate membership may also be considered from former members who are in the temporary employment of the Club.
    (3) Applications for associate membership may also be considered from persons who would not normally qualify under the foregoing rules but in the Committee’s opinion have rendered signal service to the Club.
    (4) All such applications for associate membership will be at the absolute discretion of the Management Committee who will have the power to accept or reject the applications and whose decision shall be final.
    (5) Associate members will have the same rights as Members except that they may not attend the Annual General Meeting or any other General Meeting called by the Secretary or vote at such meetings or serve on the Management Committee or any sub-committee.
    (6) The entrance fee and Annual Subscription for Associate Members will be as stated in Rule 4.
    (7) Non-catholic friends of members are allowed to join as associate members to a maximum of 30% of membership.

Subscription and Entrance Fee
    4. (a) The subscription of a widow of a member shall be waived provided said widow held full membership in her own right, and continuously, during her husband’s membership. Full time students between the ages of 16-25 will be allowed a reduced membership fee at the discretion of the Management Committee.
    4. (b) Entrance Fees and Subscriptions for members, associate members, wives of members and students may be adjusted periodically at the discretion of the Management Committee. All fees are inclusive of V.A.T at the current rate.
    4. (c) All subscriptions are payable in advance. Should the subscription for that year be unpaid at the end of April, the name of the member will be removed from the register, unless the Committee for special reasons determine otherwise. A member whose name has been removed from the register under this rule, may not be introduced as a visitor to the Club. No card of membership will be issued until the subscription from the current year has been paid.
    4. (d) Members having ten years’ continuous paid-up membership and who have reached the age of 65, may have their subscriptions waived on application to the Secretary.
    4. (e) On application to the Secretary, subscriptions will be waived for members with continuous membership of 40 years or more.

    5. That the Club be managed by a President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Secretary (hereinafter called “the Officers”), and a Committee of five. The Parish Priest of SS. Peter and Paul shall be the President.

Election of Officers and Committee
    6. That the Officers (other than the President) shall hold office for three years and Members of the Committee for two years. Election of these positions shall be held at the appropriate Annual General Meeting to be held as near as April of each year as may be conveniently arranged.
    A position falling vacant on the Committee, whether it be that of Officer or of other Members of the Committee, may be filled by the Committee by co-option, but the position shall in such event fall vacant at the Annual General Meeting following, and be filled by election for the remainder of the term of that position.
    Only fully paid up members of more than one consecutive year’s standing shall be eligible for nomination to the Management Committee.

Committee Meetings
    7. That the Committee shall meet once a month and at such other times as may be found necessary. Five members are to form a quorum.

Duties of Committee
    8. That the Committee may make bye-laws for the regulation of the Club, the same to be binding on all members. They may appoint sub-committees for any purpose. The Committee may suspend or expel any member guilty of conduct detrimental to the interests of the Club, but no member shall be suspended or expelled under this rule unless he or she has had an opportunity of attending before the Committee to explain his or her conduct. The decision of the Committee shall be final.

Duties of Officers
    9. The Secretary shall summon all meetings of the Club, and of the Committee, and shall take, or cause to be taken, minutes of the proceedings. He or she shall cause the Club to be registered in any manner provided by Act of Parliament and perform other duties as the Committee may direct.
    The Treasurer shall keep and dispose of all monies of the Club, as shall come into his or her hands, as the Committee shall direct. He or she shall, when required, render to the Committee an account of all monies received or expended by him or her and keep such daily or other regular accounts as the Committee may direct.

Change of Address
    10. The Secretary shall keep a list of names and addresses of all members. All members shall within 28 days give notice of any change of address. The name of those who cease to be members are to be erased from the list and no person whose name is not on the list shall have any rights as a member.

    11. Any member may not personally introduce more than four visitors during any one week. No one visitor may be introduced more than four times in any one month. The visitor and member responsible shall sign their names in a book kept for that purpose. Members introducing visitors are responsible for their conduct whilst in the Club, and the member must accompany the visitor during the period of his or her stay in the Club. A visitor may not remain in the Club after the member introducing him or her has left.
    A former member whose name has been removed from the register under Rule 4 may not be introduced as a visitor. No person shall be introduced whom the Committee has resolved should be excluded from the Club.
    The Committee may make providing times for the admission of visitors or suspend the admission of visitors completely.
    Should any visitor of the Club, not being a member thereof, pay for any excisable article he or she shall be removed at once from the Club premises, and the member introducing such visitor shall be suspended from membership, and it shall be the duty of any officer or member of the Club, becoming aware of such breach of the rules, to report same at once to the Secretary or Committee person on duty. A copy of this rule shall be posted in a prominent position in the Club.

Rules and Membership Card
    12. The appropriate entrance fee and one year’s subscription shall be deposited at the time of making application for membership which shall be returned if the application is rejected. The payment of these monies and the completion of an Application Form shall constitute an unqualified acceptance of the Rules and Bye-Laws of the Club.

Annual General Meeting
    13. That at the Annual General Meeting the Committee’s Report together with a financial statement and balance sheet, duly audited for the year shall be placed before the meeting.
    The first notice of any Annual General Meeting to be made by announcement, posted in each public place on Club premises at least 63 days before the proposed date, allowing 28 days for the receipt of proposals, and that such proposals be incorporated in the notice of the Annual General Meeting which shall be posted on the notice boards on the Club Premises. A period of 15 months must not elapse without a General Meeting.
    That provided at least 28 days’ notice in writing is given to the Management Committee prior to an Annual General Meeting, members may propose an alternation to the rules or introduce other propositions for consideration at Annual General Meetings. That at least 14 days’ notice of such intended alterations or propositions shall be posted by the Management Committee on all notice boards in the Club.

Special General Meetings
    14. That the Committee may call a Special General Meeting of the Club on giving seven days’ notice, specifying the objects of such meeting.
    The Committee shall on receipt of a requisition signed by not more than thirty members nor more than one fifth of the total number of Members entitled to vote, call a special meeting within twenty-eight days giving not less than seven days’ notice.
    Such requisition must state fully the objects of the Meeting and no business other than that notified shall be transacted at the said meeting.

    15. A General or Special General Meeting may proceed to business if twenty members are present, 15 minutes after the time fixed for such meeting.

    16. A copy of the Rules and Bye-Laws of the Club shall be displayed in a prominent position in the Club Lounge.
    Any matter not provided for by the foregoing Rules shall be decided at the discretion of the Committee whose decision shall be final.

    17. At a General Meeting voting will be confined to members and all members entitled to use the Club premises will be entitled to vote except as provided for in Rule 3 (d).

    1(a) Hours of opening the Club
    That the Club shall be open as follows:-
    Monday 1.00pm to 6.00pm
    Tuesday Closed
    Wednesday 7.30pm to 12.00pm
    Thursday Closed
    Friday 7.30pm to 01.00am
    Saturday 5.30pm to 1.00am
    Sunday 12.00pm to 01.00am
    Other special occasions as per licence 11am to 2.30am the following day
    The Management Committee shall have the power to extend or curtail these hours, and to open or close for such holidays as they deem expedient, due notice being given.
    1(b)Permitted Hours
    That the hours for sale of intoxicating liquors shall be:-
    MONDAY; 1pm to 6.00 pm
    TUESDAY Closed
    Wednesday 7.30 pm – 12.00 pm
    THURSDAY; Closed
    FRIDAY; 7.30 pm to 1am
    SATURDAY; 5.30 pm to 1am
    SUNDAY; Noon to 11.00 pm
    Other special occasions as per licence 11am to 2.30am the following day
    Notwithstanding the foregoing, it shall be within the power of the Management to close the bar at any time, if considered necessary, or to sanction the sale of intoxicating liquors on any special occasion, always providing that such times are within the Club’s permitted hours.
    2. No betting transactions shall be permitted upon the Club premises.
    3. The conduct of any servant of the Club shall in no case be made a matter of personal reprimand by a member, but all complaints must be made personally or in writing to the Secretary.
    4. No Member or Visitor shall on any account bring a dog or any other animal into the Club House.
    5. Any article of glass, furniture or other Club property broken or damaged by members must be paid for by them.
    6. Every member shall pay for refreshment on delivery. No credit shall be allowed.
    7. No newspaper, pamphlet or book shall be removed from the room to which it has been allocated.
    8. Books are to be placed in the position assigned to them; and no book, pamphlet or newspaper shall be written upon or injured.
    9. No pamphlet, advertisement or notice of any kind shall be laid on the table or put up in the Club without the consent of the Committee. Collections may not be made on the Club premises without permission of the Committee.
    10. The Committee and the Club shall not be responsible for the loss of hats, coats, umbrellas or any other articles belonging to Members or Visitors left on the Club premises.
    11. Members may not remove any Club property from the Club premises.

16th September 2013